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Bring positive energy to your home and lift your mood with Indoor Plants

Bring positive energy to your home and lift your mood with Indoor Plants

A home is a place where you may escape the outside world, relax, inspire, and create. However, your house may not always feel like this. For example, you could have noisy neighbors, irritable housemates, or a chaotic living arrangement that makes you feel uncomfortable. Whatever the scenario, you may focus on bringing positive energy into your house with indoor plants.

Our mental health is suffering from the COVID-19 epidemic. Due to social distance, many of us feel lonely and alienated. As a result, the prevalence of stress, worry, and depression are on the rise.

New coping methods are desperately needed. Indoor Plants are one of the most effective coping methods that are often ignored. Spending time in nature can help to alleviate anxiety, sadness, and other mental illnesses.

While gardening won’t solve all of our issues, it is a well-known stress reliever. As a result, preparing with indoor oxygen plants before the third wave starts is highly advised.

NASA, the United States’ space agency, has researched on plants and named that project – NASA Clean air study. This research consist of excellent oxygen plants for indoors while also providing happiness.

Snake Plant

Snake plants have recently gained popularity as one of the most popular oxygen plants for home for positive energy. The primary rationale is because it offers two distinct advantages. To begin with, it collects particulate matter and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the environment, resulting in a healthy environment. Second, because of its vivid color, it produces happy vibes and attracts positive energy.


Positive vibrations are likely to radiate from this plant, while bad ones are likely to be cleansed. But , there’s more, A research discovered that simply touching its leaves has a calming and relaxing impact on the psyche.

Apart from that, staring at it might assist your eyes to rest when you’re irritated or congested. All of this combined makes golden pothos a nasa recommended indoor plants for attracting positive energy to homes, businesses, and even study centers.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera’s ayurvedic and therapeutic characteristics have helped it acquire a particular position in people’s homes. There are a lot of advantages of aloe vera, it helps in boosting mental wellness, good for health, eatable, pet friendly that’s why it is the best air purifying plants nasa. Aloevera absorbs bad energy, which manifests itself as brown patches on the plant. This succulent plant variety can also help to control mood swings and promote happiness.

Lucky bamboo

The lucky bamboo, also known as the bamboo plant, offers good fortune in health and love. It’s a plant that requires very little upkeep. You can place this plant in any area of your space with soft or dim illumination. Make sure it’s immersed in at least one inch of fresh water at all times. This plant has traditionally been associated with prosperity and good fortune.


Basil is thought to have a spiritual and therapeutic impact on the atmosphere when grown at home. The plant produces oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide and monoxide. It will function best in the north or northeast corner of your home. Basil is also a powerful antioxidant that removes bad energy from home and replaces it with positive energy.

Peace Lily

This plant is said to represent serenity and harmony in Feng Shui. It also serves as a source of positive radiation in the environment, cleaning the air. This plant helps in decrease headaches and improve mental wellness. Peace Lily can thrive in low-light environments, that’s why it comes in the category of nasa approved plants for bedroom or bathroom.


The quote “don’t judge a book by its cover” applies to cactus plants as well. Unfortunately, because of its thorns, many people have the opposite opinion of this lovely plant. That is not the case, though!

In reality, this indoor plants is a good energy generator. They can help with not only depression but also anxiety. Its capacity to absorb electromagnetic radiation from electronic gadgets in your house makes it an even better alternative.

Jade plant

A low-maintenance positive energy plant with beautiful pink or pink blossoms can brighten your mood. Feng Shui practitioners believe that this plant can help calm the environment and reduce stress levels in the local area. Therefore, it is recommended that you place it either at your home’s front or rear door.


Rosemary plant is well known for air purification, keeping it free from harmful toxins and promoting both physical and mental health. The plant’s fragrance is adequate to enhance the mood of your home, fight anxiety, improve memory, heal insomnia and bring inner peace. You must keep it in a place that has bright colors and cool temperatures.


Sage has exceptional cleaning qualities that aid in the removal of destructive emotions such as fear and rage. Because of its various therapeutic properties, the plant increases good energy flow and is quite helpful. Dry, low-humidity environment is favorable for this plant.

Chinese money plants 

A Chinese money plant, which isn’t very common, is like a bundle of energy that instantly resonates with good energy and thrives in it. If you don’t keep it in direct sunlight, it will function best. This plant’s most pleasing feature is its distinctive spherical leaves, which give it an exotic and unique appearance. As a result, make sure the leaves carry all of the drama, so you don’t have to work as much on the pot.


Other than being genuinely prepossessing, Jasmine helps strengthen relationships and build romance in the house. In addition, it tends to leave a lingering fragrance behind, which can help soothe a stressed mind. Also, as experts recommend, keep the plant near a south-facing window when indoors and see it magically grow. 

The Bottom line

Plants are (or should be) an essential component of any house. Each plant is beneficial in delivering many benefits into your life.

Plants contain good energy used for healing and has mental, physical, and spiritual advantages. Additionally, they aid in the improvement of oxygen levels and the removal of contaminants from the surrounding air. As a result, indoor plants are sure to improve your overall health, happiness, and well-being, resulting in a happier, healthier existence.

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